Episode 621 – juice is worth the squeeze

* (0:29) In defense of technology at the gaming table. Caleb’s setup with Owlbear Rodeo.

* (5:13) Dan’s Lion King sing-a-long and Wayne’s Ghostbusters game.

* (6:27) The deeper pool of online players, including AIs. Remoting in a missing player for an in-person game.

* (14:04) Working distance and distraction into the game.

* (17:54) Digital storage and organization. The wonder of CTRL-F.

* (25:21) Minimalization of the gaming experience.

* (30:01) Dodging some issues by allowing only one person to have technology. The visual obstruction created by laptops and such.

* (41:01) Getting digital audio to work for you.

* (45:00) Balancing it all out. Advantages, disadvantages, familiarity, and the passage of time.

Hosts: Caleb, Dan, Mary, Wayne

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