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Episode 490 – not the real game
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) The wonderful, illusory door.

* (5:21) A warning to stop here. Hijacking Lasers and Feelings.

* (10:50) Dark improv on a minimal pitch.

* (15:20) The role of the alternates.

* (18:39) The start of the game.

* (25:02) Hijacking the party and hijacking the game.

* (39:06) An NPC becomes the real game.

* (43:55) Counting down.

* (48:08) The missing Ruben. Significance and urgency.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 489 – Fear the Con 11 round-up
by Dan Repperger

* (0:17) Thanking the people that made the convention happen.

* (3:35) Mikey Mason’s performance can be picked up here.

* (4:37) Our thanks to St. Charles Nissan.

* (5:29) Heather Phillips does an awesome job on a Masakari for Dan (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3). You can find her portfolio and contact info on Facebook.

* (7:46) Brodeur figures out how to defeat Wayne’s dice magic.

* (11:25) Scooby Doo meets Army of Darkness.

* (17:47) InSpectres and Lasers and Feelings.

* (28:31) A Harry Potter game.

* (34:49) Exiles.

* (39:01) Hitting pretty close to the slot length.

* (50:51) D&D 5th edition, and spending your energy well.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 488 – fair-play NPCs
by Dan Repperger

* (0:30) Setting a boundary on the topic.

* (2:16) Keeping an NPC fair.

* (6:07) Tactical vs compassionate vs in-character.

* (14:01) Enemy fear and greed.

* (33:30) When the enemy’s reality changes. The shock of success.

* (40:24) Playing favorites.

Hosts: Aisha, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 487 – building relationships
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Fear the Boot’s Patreon site.

* (2:05) Dan’s dream comes true!

* (4:49) Relationships between characters. Some examples to set it up.

* (10:07) The difficulty of engineering relationships.

* (17:51) Build common ground. Remember what really matters. Accept reality.

* (23:59) Experiencing the backgrounds—not just writing them.

* (26:05) The relevance of the players.

* (44:39) Show me your war face!

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Wayne

Episode 486 – playing yourself
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Welcoming Stu and Kimi from Happy Jack’s family of podcasts.

* (0:49) Fear the Boot tries to pick out a sponsor.

* (3:03) Playing yourself in a roleplaying game. Stu did it in college.

* (8:22) The “show me” test and its relationship to the dice.

* (16:01) Creating the character stats. Overestimating and underestimating. Level-setting.

* (19:56) Avoiding the outliers. Why point-buy systems may be fair but inaccurate.

* (23:32) Determining everyone’s role in character creation. The time traveler’s cheat sheet.

* (32:05) Handling the transition. Dealing with family and friends.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Kimi, Stu

NOTE: You can see the visit Chris and Dan made to Happy Jack’s on YouTube or via MP3.

Bonus Episode 78 – a love letter
by Dan Repperger

* (0:23) A love letter to an under-served demographic.

* (1:43) Surviving without a gaming group.

* (11:59) What if podcasting had existed earlier?

* (16:39) Wayne and his apes. Monkeys in outer space.

* (22:33) Things we never needed to know about Star Trek.

* (29:19) Back to the love letter. Sorta. Nope, we’re talking about Drow and Wemics.

* (33:16) The love letter for real this time. Koko the gorilla addresses humanity.

* (45:58) The Oxford comma, idears, and counting syllables.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Wayne

Episode 485 – pets, pets, pets
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Fear the Con and its Con Planner site.

* (1:08) A D&D game gets us talking about pets.

* (3:45) How animals affect storytelling and group dynamics.

* (9:02) Pets as PCs versus NPCs. Picking two thematic traits.

* (21:19) Passing the pet to the right.

* (31:19) Adding a third trait.

* (36:10) The animal adventure.

* (45:27) Finding the animal’s voice through gameplay with another player.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Eric, Wayne

Episode 484 – non-sequiturs
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Fear the Con and its Con Planner site. The mixer is on June 21st, with the con itself on June 22nd and 23rd.

* (1:12) Chad is running a D&D 5th Edition game. The shorthand version of spell components.

* (6:46) Introducing a new player to RPGs.

* (13:39) The group template (and its longer form) versus the pregame questionnaire. The Sword of Damocles.

* (25:04) An Epoch of Rysos game that had a similarly diverse—yet equally cohesive—group.

* (32:21) Short chapters, told out of sequence.

* (42:43) Dissecting why the non-sequiturs work. Rory’s Story Cubes.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Eric

Episode 483 – outsourcing NPCs on the fly
by Dan Repperger

* (0:52) Google searches on some podcasts, and a prank with Brandi that didn’t happen.

* (3:26) Letting players develop parts of the setting mid-game, including the NPCs.

* (8:04) Fat Tony and Lovin’.

* (16:59) How players can decide when it’s appropriate to mess with something.

* (24:30) Letting player investment drive truth. Tommy Wiseau tries out for the Joker.

* (28:04) Walking back contradictions or problems created by player ideas.

* (34:42) The legend of Pops. John Henry and the Johnny Cash song about him. Davy Crockett.

* (51:01) Setting development as opposed to narrative control.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Eric, Wayne

Episode 482 – prologue games
by Dan Repperger

* (0:52) Wayne visits Brodeur at Miniature Market (their Facebook page).

* (5:21) Prologue games. Taking them seriously while recognizing their disposability.

* (15:20) A shared history that’s played instead of just written.

* (18:57) How a prologue identifies issues, and what to do when one is found.

* (24:46) The value of the missing middle.

* (31:22) Finding your voice.

* (35:49) Expecting too much from a prologue game.

* (42:16) Bridging the prologue to the intended starting point of the first game.

* (49:24) The important differences between a prologue and a flashback.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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