Episode 605 – dosing out setting

* (0:44) Friday night chit-chat on Discord each week, starting at 8pm Central.

* (2:18) Fear the Con 2023 dates have been reserved with the hotel for June 16th and 17th of 2023, with the Wing Night on June 15th.

* (3:37) Wayne preps his players for a Savage Worlds: Alpha Flight game.

* (8:18) Learning through trial-and-error by running homebrews and setting-dense games.

* (10:42) Give your players a little homework.

* (15:04) Where will the game begin?

* (20:37) What the characters need or want.

* (24:53) Trickling out more information as the game goes on.

* (31:31) Pay careful attention to the questions your players ask.

Hosts: Dan, Julia, Mary, Wayne

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