Bonus Episode 96 – Fear the Con 2022 report

* (0:24) Releasing episodes out of order.

* (1:24) The little convention that could, despite how hard life tried to stop it.

* (6:59) All of the hurdles that weren’t COVID.

* (14:00) The obstacles that came up during the convention.

* (24:24) In spite of everything arrayed against it, the con went really well.

* (31:42) Thanking Eric Van Note for the picture of Gnarl, which you can see here. You can contact him for your own commission at:

* (33:50) Wishing we’d had more time to talk to people and paced ourselves better.

* (39:11) A request, an idea, and a placeholder. June 15th, 16th, and 17th are the tentative dates for Fear the Con 2023.

* (43:46) A big “thank you” to our community!

Hosts: Brodeur, Caleb, Dan, Wayne

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