Episode 125- never letting them see you sweat

* The Fear the Con site is now up for registration.  If you want to run a game, sign up first and then contact Chad, telling him about the game you’re running (title, description, system, desired timeframe, and number of player slots).

* Introducicng our guest hosts, Andy and Arthur.  If you can’t remember their forum titles, here’s a little mnemonic: Andy sounds like “sandy,” and he’s SandPunk.  Arthur is the name of a king, and he’s Noble Bear.

* A preview of the forum card game, made entirely by listeners and forum users.  If you want to learn more or offer your own contributions, be sure to visit the forum thread!  If you can help these guys get this printed as a playing card game, please send a PM on the forum to SandPunk and NobleBear, or send an email to Dan.

* Last week of voting for the GM profiles!  Be sure to cast your vote.

* The start of our new endeavor: Help Your Fellow Players Screw the Game!  Keep the tips short, tell us the game it’s for, and tell me how to pronounce your name.  In case you’re curious, the monster we couldn’t remember is the Bodak.

* Keeping your players immersed in the game, even when they catch you off guard.  If you’ve never heard the gazebo story, you can find the anecdote of Eric & the Dread Gazebo reprinted online.

Hosts: Andy, Arthur, Chad, Chris, Dan, John, Pat

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JimmyDNovember 27th, 2008 at 3:54 am

Book shop, ah I know that. I randomly added a caravan that the group spotted when passing by the edge of the desert, and what does one player say? “Dude, we ought to go into this desert! The DM wouldn’t put this caravan in unless he wanted us to go this way!”

Dan WeaverNovember 27th, 2008 at 1:19 pm

Interesting site- drawn by mnemonics Ive come to let you know about http://www.JogLab.com with which you can remember everything. I need some volunteers if any of your readers are into it.

Charles P FrederickDecember 6th, 2021 at 5:07 pm

Every time Adam or John comes on the podcast it always gets very detailed and distracted lol

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