Emerald City Comic Con, Part 1

Seattle’s my home, guys, so when I got the opportunity to not only attend Comic con, but represent Fear The Boot as press in it? I was floored. This was real. I wasn’t just an audio scissorgirl anymore, I was gonna be feet on the ground. I walked into the con floor on about 11 AM on Thursday, and wow, did I underestimate this thing. Thursday’s supposed to be a thin day, right? It’s the first day, not everyone’s there yet, and for ECCC it’s a recent addition, and this place is already full.

Deep breath. I’m press! I gotta be a professional! So I did just that. I walked all the way around the place, up six stories and down into the neighboring building. I later found out that I’d walked about five and a half miles in my first day, which brings me to the “lesson” of this post: Sit at panels. It was 5:30 PM before I sat down for my first panel with Ben Robbins, with him giving a great talk about GMless story games, and I realized a hidden benefit: My bum leg and my good leg, both previously somewhere between a “6” and “AAAAAA”, were feeling a lot better. So the lesson is, take a break and sit at panels, even if you want to spend the whole day walking around otherwise. Your legs will thank you, and so will your sense of entertainment. (Thanks, Ben!)

This is just the first entry, so check back for more later! I’ll be talking about some of the people I saw there, both pro and casual, as well as Tabletop gaming’s enormous presence and some interviews I conducted!

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Mobius04March 10th, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the con coverage. You have a unique perspective of attending a convention as press for the first time. That, and you are pioneering FTB press coverage.

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