The Third XCOM Saga, part 10, RP Interlude 19

As written by Chris Mais…

Laying there in the hospital bed, Chris — with his eyes partially closed — felt the breath of his daughter, Sloane, as she rested her face asleep on his arm holding him close. Dash, his son, was in the chair watching his father with what could only be anxiety and fear and something else…concern…no some intangible┬áconnection. Chris studied their faces and they reminded him of his father, his own, and that of his grandfather like a path of cosmic reincarnation on a simultaneous plane of existence. His hospital bed was surrounded by the past and the future and present all at once, and he felt blessed for this special overlap of the space time continuum as he drifted back to sleep, groggy from the sedatives.

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Mobius04August 23rd, 2014 at 11:02 pm

I always enjoy reading prose from Chris Mais. He’s a man who understands the extremes people will go to protect their families and loved ones. seeing a few tender moments reminds me what people are fighting for. why people will charge unto the unknown. Because that’s what it takes to keep people safe.

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