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Bonus Episode 8 – good things gone wrong
by Dan Repperger

Just as I promised on the forums, here’s a bonus episode to go hand-in-hand with episode 18!

We intended to make this bonus episode about our take on where Battletech went wrong.  However, we ended up on so many tangents that the show is really more about where creative endeavors in general go wrong.

As you probably know by now, these bonus episodes are neither edited nor quality controlled.  So if this is your first time here, please check out a regular episode to find out what our show is really like.

Episode 18 – card games and electronic devices
by Dan Repperger

In this show we cover some fond memories of FASA product catalogs, name the winner of our “freak show” character contest, offer our thoughts on card games, kick around some settings we wish had their own roleplaying games, and offer our thoughts on the use of electronic devices to aid your games.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Dawn

Episode 17 – playing in an established setting
by Dan Repperger

I want to remind everyone of the contest we’re running right now.  You can find details in this episode, the show notes for episode 16, or our forums.

Continuing a topic we started in bonus episode 7, we spend some time talking about spaceship combat in roleplaying games.  Then we offer some insight and advice about running your game in an established setting with a single, pervasive storyline.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Dawn

Bonus Episode 7 – video games
by Dan Repperger

We’re probably just as opinionated about video games as we are roleplaying games, but the former just isn’t what this podcast is about.  However, for this bonus episode, we decided to talk only about video games.

You guys know the drill.  These bonus episodes are not edited or formatted, so the quality of our normal shows isn’t really there.  We just make these things for fun.

Episode 16 – long distance gaming
by Dan Repperger

We start this episode with several announcements.  I’ll post those here along with relevant links.

First, we’ll be at Archon from October 5th – 8th.

* http://archonstl.org/30/index2.html

Second, our World of Warcraft guild is really taking off.  If you play WoW, we hope you’ll stop by and join us.

* http://www.feartheboot.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=18

Third, we’re starting a contest with prizes sponsored by GeekLabel.com.  Listen to the episode for details and post your entry in the forum area linked below.

* http://www.feartheboot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=518
* http://www.geeklabel.com

Our discussion topics for this episode are the use of time travel in your game and running roleplaying games when long distances separate your players.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Episode 15 – absentee players
by Dan Repperger

At the start of this episode, we mention a WoW guild Fear the Boot listeners and hosts have started.  If you’re interested in joining, you can find details at: http://www.feartheboot.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=18

After that, we give our follow-up on Gencon, some response to the discussions our “freak show” commentary in episode 13 started, and offer advice for dealing with absentee players in your roleplaying game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Episode 14 – our Gencon experience
by Dan Repperger

Our Gencon experience was short and fruitless.  We start off the episode by explaining what happened and then offer some advice on allowing players to run multiple characters during the same game.

This episode was recorded in an unusual way, so the bells and whistles of our main episodes aren’t there.  In fact, it seems closer to a bonus episode.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan

Bonus Episode 6 – farewell to John
by Dan Repperger

This episode was supposed to be our farewell to John, who’s leaving for Rome soon.  However, it quickly degrades into tangents about travel, foreign beer, and international family.

WARNING!  WARNING!  WARNING!  This show is far edgier than anything we have ever done before.  We poke fun at some very serious issues, but please keep in mind we’re just joking.  If you’re easily offended, this is probably not the episode for you.

As always, please keep in mind that these bonus episodes are not on the same topics or of the same quality as our normal work.  We do not script, edit, or quality control these extra shows.

Episode 13 – age and non-humanoids
by Dan Repperger

Episode 13 indeed! We found ourselves down a host and had several other problems getting this show ready.  But we made it through nonetheless. In this episode, we talk about how our roleplaying games have changed as we got older, RPG novels, and the art and science of playing non-humanoids.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Dawn

UPDATE: True to form, unlucky episode 13 got uploaded wrong.  If you picked up this episode and it had a length right around one hour, please download again.  The correct version should be 54 minutes.  I apologize to anyone that picked up our unedited mess.

Episode 12 – the gaming environment
by Dan Repperger

This episode is all about the roleplaying environment, both inside and outside of the game. We talk about the best sort of room to game in, eating while gaming, using mood music, and we offer advice to Game Masters on creating a good setting.

It’s also worth mentioning that within the first minute or two, Chad derailed this show with the most memorable tangent I’m guessing we’ll ever have.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan

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