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Episode 42 – wounds, healing, and death
by Dan Repperger

* Who wants a body massage?

* Do Adam and John sound too much alike?

* Boardgaming.

* Chad calls 911.

* BBS games.  The instance of Legend of the Green Dragon I signed up with can be found here.

* John’s three criteria for a good movie.

* Handling wounds, healing, and death in your RPG design.

* Skies of Glass Q&A.

Interview Episode 2 – Mike West
by Dan Repperger

In the second interview episode, we talk with Mike West from Lionhead Studios. Mike contributed to script development for Fable and is currently the lead script developer for Fable 2. Our conversation focuses on storytelling in video games, but also includes discussion of the relationship between video games and tabletop games, the future of the video game market, and the chances of small shops succeeding in the industry.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Tex

Guests: Mike West

Episode 41 – the combat system
by Dan Repperger

* Hurting yourself while playing video games.

* Fear the Boot would like to thank…

Accidental Survivors
Dragons Landing Inn
Harping Monkey
Pulp Gamer
Fanboy Smackdown

* The timing and purpose of resource documents.

* Bringing FTB up to date on current games.

* The new World of Darkness.

* Why people more readily accept non-realism in fantasy versus sci-fi.

* Designing a combat system for a new roleplaying game.

* Skies of Glass Q&A.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Mike

Episode 40 – character advancement
by Dan Repperger

* Fear the Boot store update.

* A preview of the upcoming interviews.

* The backlog of resource documents.

* Gaming comics.

* Players and GMs make the game.

* Designing character advancement for your new roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Mike

Episode 39 – character creation
by Dan Repperger

The resource document for this episode will be rather extensive, so it won’t be up along with this episode, but it should be posted by the end of the week.

* John’s date report.

* Chad’s comments on gaming in the window of a shop in the mall.

* Why Mike hasn’t GM-ed in years, and whether GMs make the best players.

* Considerations when designing character creation for a new roleplaying game.

* Skied of Glass Q&A.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Mike

Interview Episode 1 – Ryan Dancey
by Dan Repperger

Since starting this podcast, Fear the Boot has made contact with quite a few professionals in the gaming market.  Rather than let these opportunities go to waste, we decided to start a new interview series.  For our kick-off show, we chat with Ryan Dancey about his experience working for Wizards of the Coast, the data he’s seen on the gaming population, and the future of the hobby.

If you’d like to hear more from Ryan, be sure to check out his blog!

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Mike

Guests: Ryan Dancey

Episode 38 – economy and itemization
by Dan Repperger

During the show, we make a few jokes about an “oooooh” noise.  During the show I said I would link the video that comes from, so here it is.  Please be aware it includes foul language.

* Katie, I can’t understand the email address in your voicemail.

* A writer’s critique group is running on our forum.  To join, send a private message (on the forum) to Tony, who both heads up the critique group and is a host of the Fanboy Smackdown, movie review podcast.

* The new FTB banner page can be found here or under the “Banners” link at the top of the page.

* The FTB store can be found here or under the “Store” link at the top of the page.  It features FTB 9000 Compliant, Baron von Badass, and show logo gear.

* Why do gamers all enter the hobby with the same preconceptions?

* Is it possible to bring what we enjoy from tabletop gaming into video games?

* Designing the economy and itemization for your new roleplaying game.

* Skies of Glass Q&A

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Mike

Bonus Episode 13 – gamer shame
by Dan Repperger

Like all Fear the Boot bonus episodes, this show is neither edited nor on our usual subject.  So if this is your first time here, we recommend checking out a regular episode first.

This particular episode is primarily about “gamer shame”, meaning the embarrassment most gamers feel about their chosen hobby.  However, before we get into that, we spend a few minutes talking about turn-based strategy games and waning attention spans.

Episode 37 – social rules
by Dan Repperger

* A review of World Wide Wing Night.

* Our take on Wizards of the Coast’s D&D club sponsorship program.  You can find the article we’re discussing here.

* Based on some feedback we’ve gotten, we return to the subject of RPG art.  The RPG publishers we mention are Highmoon Media and Sword’s Edge Publishing.

* We continue the game design series with a discussion of social rules for your roleplaying game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Mike

Bonus Episode 12 – pipes and cigars
by Dan Repperger

This episode was intended to be a warm-up for Mike, a new host we’re bringing on at FTB to help out with several new efforts we’re preparing to launch.  However, true to form, we spend most of the show chasing tangents, the largest of which is a discussion on pipes and cigars.

Mike was a bit nervous behind the mic, but that’s alright.  Off the mic he’s just as belligerent as the rest of us, so I know he’ll be a great addition once he’s more at ease.

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