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Episode 527 – side plots
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Fear the Con’s Kickstarter!

* (6:12) An encounter in the Actual Play that felt inorganic to the flow of the main plot.

* (14:25) Being aware of what knits your campaign together.

* (19:42) Making a side plot compelling from the outset, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at first.

* (29:29) Noting what players care about in the meta-game.

* (33:09) Going for the quiet players instead of the loud ones. Getting the right type of buy-in.

* (40:02) Evaluating whether a side plot works, with or without tying it back to the main plot.

* (43:55) Creating buyer’s remorse.

* (48:54) Fear the Boot’s Patreon.

Hosts: Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 526 – a split party
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Fear the Con 2020’s Kickstarter is live!

* (4:50) When the party is split, it can make it easier to talk to an NPC.

* (8:21) A split party creating a game of telephone.

* (13:02) Giving characters their own chance to shine.

* (21:55) Team-building and RP in the party’s reunion.

* (23:12) The countdown to problems when the party separates.

* (29:54) Two approaches for how the GM can resolve separate actions.

* (42:10) Having to remember multiple bookmarks if the game gets paused.

* (43:08) How a split party can help the GM get an idea to stick.

* (44:29) Avoiding factions in the split.

* (47:34) Player-character separation as an inevitability, not a desired outcome.

* (50:34) The role of the players in a divided group.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 525 – setting as a home for plot
by Dan Repperger

* (0:32) The Kickstarter for Gamers Table’s Season of the Glitch.

* (1:16) Fear the Con 2020 on June 18th – 20th, with the Kickstarter coming very soon. You can follow our progress in the Facebook group. The episode where we talked about Pat killing us all.

* (5:35) Merging two questions from Facebook to talk about how we build settings with an eye for stories that can be told there.

* (7:39) The motivation behind creating the world in the first place.

* (24:07) As aside on automats and courtesy.

* (29:36) What interests you is likely what you’re already developing.

* (33:24) Looking at what the players can and/or care to consume.

* (41:21) Where and when you start building the game plot, based on group interests.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 524 – new GM for veteran players
by Dan Repperger

* (0:33) Fear the Con 2020 on June 18th – 20th! The Kickstarter is coming very soon. In the meantime, you can follow our progress in the Facebook group.

* (2:09) Explaining who Brad is.

* (2:59) The Kickstarter for Gamers Table’s Season of the Glitch.

* (6:05) Laura decides to run a Halloween game for more experienced players.

* (10:47) Intentionally and accidentally difficult players.

* (14:21) Ask for help and get people invested in your success.

* (17:53) Picking the right system and setting.

* (21:38) Why asking for feedback may not be the best idea.

* (26:45) Prioritizing the building blocks of the game.

* (33:59) Accepting you’re not in control of everything, and notes aren’t always the answer.

* (38:16) Advice for the players.

Hosts: Brad, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 523 – pacing information
by Dan Repperger

* (0:54) All that matters is the d-o-g.

* (3:18) Answering part of Dustin’s question, and why it’s not getting a full answer just yet.

* (5:13) Illustrations from No Man’s Sky, Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, and Freelancer.

* (13:24) Slowing things down in the game versus the meta-game.

* (19:04) Getting what you’ve earned.

* (25:16) The slow flow of information in other forms of storytelling.

* (32:54) Communicating a plausible, in-story reason for withholding information.

* (39:54) Players that are desperate for information or overstuffed with it.

* (44:56) NPCs in a guiding role. Extending the Three Clue Rule.

* (54:40) Gating discoveries.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan

Bonus Episode 83 – entertainment club
by Dan Repperger

* (0:23) Chad talks a whole lot about not talking. Also, cattywampus.

* (4:32) Wayne is playing Dragon Quest Builders 2.

* (7:39) Chad is playing Assassin’s Creed Origins.

* (16:31) Dale is playing Medieval II: Total War.

* (23:39) Dan is playing No Man’s Sky.

* (30:14) Dan is reading War Before Civilization.

* (33:30) Wayne is reading They Called Us Enemy.

* (35:36) Chad is reading Hardluck Ironclad.

* (48:05) Dale is reading Becoming Superman.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 522 – the onus of recovery
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Jonathan Belina asks about rules for dice.

* (4:45) Cocked dice. Not rolling off the floor.

* (8:31) Dice must be legible and visible.

* (9:36) Don’t “play” with the dice.

* (12:42) Dice bowling.

* (18:48) Testing your rolls.

* (20:41) Tenser’s Floating Disk at work…?

* (28:18) An unexpected break in Chad’s Blades in the Dark game.

* (36:02) Juxtaposing Chad’s situation against the break in Dan’s Skies of Glass game.

* (41:22) Recovering with the onus on the players.

* (47:23) Recovering with the onus on the Game Master.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 521 – grinding gears
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Dan’s voice. A look back at older episodes.

* (2:54) The double-standard of how social skills are handled versus any other check.

* (8:00) When players cheat around their dump stats.

* (12:47) The plausibility of counterfactuals.

* (32:04) Having no awareness of the game you’re in.

* (37:42) Holding me responsible for the things you didn’t tell me.

* (41:28) Revisiting other topics.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 520 – licensing crunch
by Dan Repperger

* (0:30) Introducing Dale of Jon Brazer Enterprises.

* (7:11) The story of Jon Brazer, the character.

* (9:07) How the degree of crunch changes your options for creating material. The OGL and similar licenses.

* (24:26) Half of your money?!

* (33:09) Revisiting the relationship between crunch (or the lack thereof) and what that lets you create.

* (43:37) The positive role of more stuff.

* (49:40) Getting started with Traveler.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

Episode 519 – game pitch template
by Dan Repperger

* (0:32) Dan is having throat issues.

* (1:01) A huge “thank you” to Zylo for doing so much for Fear the Con-Line!

* (2:18) Wayne created a template to help with game pitches. You can find a blank version here.

* (5:26) A sample for D&D 5th Edition.

* (8:24) Every game starts somewhere.

* (11:03) Structuring without restricting. A sample for Dresden Files.

* (19:42) Pitches in-person versus on-paper.

* (29:16) Adapting the pitch based on feedback.

* (36:10) Adding miscellaneous notes.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Wayne

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