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Episode 2 – creating a group template
by Dan Repperger

For the next several episodes, we’ll be using a mock Shadowrun game to walk you through the do’s and don’ts of roleplaying games.  In this podcast, we talk about the first step a group should take when starting a game: creating a group template.  We explain what group templates are, why to build one, and how to make them effective.

Before digging into that, we take a look back at our first gaming experiences, followed by a discussion about gaming in hobby shops and other public places.  There’s also a brief chat about the changing definition of what’s “dorky” and a review of Shadowrun’s previous editions.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Thoughts from making episode 1
by Dan Repperger

With episode 1 now live, I’ve had some time to scrutinize our work and think about the things we’ve accomplished.

Before we started this show, we spent weeks reading books and browsing forums to learn everything we could about podcasting.  We were excited about the effort, but knew very little about the hardware and software involved.  We came a  long way, and considering this was our first attempt at podcasting, I’m very pleased with the quality of our first show.  I think we found a solid creative mix and discussion format, and the recording itself sounds good.

However, some things just come from experience.  We learned a lot about the compressor and sound editing software as we made this recording.  There are some rough edges in episode 1, particularly in regard to volume balance.  I may go back and fiddle with the recording at some point in the future, but for now I’ll let it be.  I don’t want to risk over-editing, damaging the show as I attempt to straighten out relatively minor flaws.

I think we also spent that episode just getting comfortable behind the mic and testing our interpersonal dynamic.  I want to shift the show to be a bit more informational in the future, though without losing our wit.

I’m very excited about recording episode 2 this weekend.  Armed with everything we learned from making the prior episode, I’m confident the next one will be just as entertaining, while having an even higher polish.

I hope to catch you all then!

Episode 1 – when player abilities eclipse character abilities
by Dan Repperger

After a conversation about why roleplaying game stories are so terrible to listen to, we move on to the types of gaming groups and a debate about resolving situations where players have a social wit their characters lack (and vice versa).

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Kevin

Episode 0 – show introduction
by Dan Repperger

This podcast is an introduction to our show, explaining what we’ll talk about: tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs), product reviews, industry news, and related topics.

Hosts: Dan

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