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Forums are up
by Dan Repperger

At the request of our listeners, we have created forums.  You can find them by clicking the “Forum” link on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Bonus Episode 1 – the creative aspect of making this podcast
by Dan Repperger

This is the first in a series of bonus episodes we want to release.  These shows are 10 – 20 minutes long and cover topics that don’t fit in the scope of our normal podcasts.  They’re completely unedited, so there’s no intro music and our flubs have been left in.  We won’t have a bonus show every week, but when we do, we’ll be releasing them on Wednesday night.

The first three bonus episodes talk about the creative, hardware, and marketing aspects of making this podcast.  We made them in response to a listener that asked how we put the show together.  If this topic doesn’t particularly interest you, or you don’t like the prospect of a rather raw recording, you won’t miss too much by skipping over it.

Thoughts from making episode 5
by Dan Repperger

If you’ve been following this podcast for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about the significance of episode 5.  Just in case you’re new, I’ll review: traditional wisdom says it takes about five episodes to work out your creative voice and the show’s rhythm.  I don’t know if that estimate is correct for every show, but it was certainly true for us.  Episode 5 was very easy to record and edit.  In fact, I only noticed one production error: I forgot to introduce the hosts.  A bit embarrassing, but hardly a major problem.

Since recording episode 5 went so well, we had some time leftover at the end of our session.  We used that to record bonus episodes we’ll be releasing on Wednesday nights for the next couple of weeks.  These bonus shows are only about 10 – 15 minutes in length.  They’re very casual, meaning they are not edited in any way.  It’s just us chatting for a few minutes about topics that don’t fit within our normal episodes.

The first three shows discuss the creative, hardware, and internet aspects of making the podcast (in that order).  They’re primarily aimed at anyone who’s either looking to make their own show or just curious how we do it. After that, we’ve got several other items on tap, all of them a bit off topic from our normal shows.

Episode 5 – creating NPCs
by Dan Repperger

Before I get into the content of episode 5, I want to draw your attention to something.  At the time we recorded this episode, we had not yet gotten in touch with the folks at GOBLIN.  That has changed since the podcast was recorded, so we no longer need any help with that.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

We start the episode off with some updates on the networks we’ve been getting listed on.  Among them is Odeo, which you can use to send us voicemail.  You can find a link directly to our Odeo account in the “Links” section of our website.

Due to the amount of feedback it’s generated, we clarify our views on Shadowrun and Champions.  After that, we spend some time reminding everyone of the real gems of old and out-of-print games, and we think back to the “girlfriend games” that got our significant others into the hobby.

Our gaming advice portion of the show focuses on making good NPCs (non-player characters) for your roleplaying game.  As of this post, I don’t have our sample NPCs posted to the Resource section of our site, but that will be corrected by the end of Monday.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan

On Shadowrun
by Dan Repperger

I have quite a few announcements I’ve been saving for episode 5. However, due to the amount of feedback we’ve gotten on one particular issue, I feel I should comment on it before then.

In episode 2, Chad and John made some negative comments about Shadowrun. I think those comments were not given sufficient context in the show, and even worse, I didn’t speak up to juxtapose what was being said. I want to save the meat of this topic for episode 5, but I’d like to deliver the punch-line now: I like Shadowrun. I enjoy running and playing the game, which is one of the reasons I chose it for our mock campaign. Kevin and Tim were not present for episode 2, but let me assure you they also enjoy Shadowrun.

Tune in to episode 5 if you want to hear us explain why we love the game or hear Chad explain why he doesn’t. We’ll also be talking about how you can leave us voicemail, our experience with the Champions system, a new 40k product, and some tips on designing NPCs for your campaign.

Thoughts from making episode 4
by Dan Repperger

First and most importantly, I wanted to let you guys know we’re having some problems with our domain email.  It looks like they’re getting blocked by some SPAM filters.  So if you wrote us but haven’t heard back, that’s probably why.  Until I can hammer out why that’s happening, I’ve created a Gmail account to respond from.

If you’ve already listened to episode 4, I’d like to explain the “dead space” thing.  When we make these episodes, we inevitably screw up.  We get distracted, lose our train of thought, and so on.  During editing, I typically delete these errors so you guys get clean audio.  However, for whatever reason, the other four hosts absolutely insisted I leave one in this episode.  So I hope you enjoy our mess-up, complete with a brief song of “Dead Space” to the tune of Ogden Edsl’s “Dead Puppies”.

That aside, I think the episode came out pretty good.  If was more informative and less comedic than the previous episodes, but that wasn’t anything we planned.  I’m sure our episodes will waffle quite a bit between information and comedy, and this one just so happened to be on the information side of the aisle.  I was also talking a bit fast, but that’s something I can easily address in the future.

I hope you guys enjoy the episode!  Write us back and let us know what you thought.

Episode 4 – campaign design
by Dan Repperger

Why exactly do we play roleplaying games?  Episode 4 starts with that question getting kicked around.  As we try to answer it, we also think back to a GURPs “trip to the lake” game we saw being played at a gaming con.

Tim brings in some material on the new realm, Ptolus, which we review.  Then we offer GMs some advice on designing the campaign that will tie your individual game sittings together.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Tim

How do we make the podcast?
by Dan Repperger

Though we’re still fairly new to podcasting, we did a lot of research before we kicked this show off.  Even in the short time it’s been running, we’ve had several people ask us for advice on putting together podcasts of their own, getting the right equipment, and all of that.  We don’t want to interrupt our normal schedule of talking about RPGs, but we’re thinking about making a “bonus” episode in the near future that just talks about the technical and creative aspects of getting a podcast running.  Would you guys be interested in that?

Thoughts from making episode 3
by Dan Repperger

Sorry I didn’t get this post up sooner.  I wasn’t sure how many people even read these things until I started getting emails asking why this one wasn’t up.  I guess that answered my question.

Before I talk about episode 3, I’d like to say I’m glad to have the new site colors up.  If you’re not seeing those, hit the old “Refresh” button on your browser.  The original colors were based on a template provided by the host, and they were a bit…um…cheerful.  Yeah, that’s a safe word to describe it.  Looking good now though.  A big thanks to Tim for the logo drawing and revised colors!  Also a big thanks to Karla for helping me get a clean, user-friendly layout together when we kicked this site off a few weeks ago.

I know we keep saying this, but I want to extend another big “thanks” to the folks that post or email us about the show.  You guys rock, and you’re one of the big reasons we’re excited to hit the mics and do it again.

Now, on to the podcast review…

I felt episode 3 was a solid step up from episode 2, particularly in the advice portion of the show.  It didn’t have the sort of drastic improvement that episode 2 had from episode 1, but then again, I’m not sure we needed it.  Did we need tweaking?  Yes.  But another overhaul?  Probably not.

This episode was a bit longer than episode 2, but still within our goal.  We want our shows to be between 30 and 45 minutes.  This one was 44:34, so we’re still in that realm.  I’m not sure what length our audience prefers yet, so hopefully you guys don’t object to the longer format!

Walking away from 3, only one thing really concerned me:  I had mixed feelings about the presence of six hosts.  When we started this show, we invited seven people to work on it.  One declined, six accepted.  As hectic as our schedules are, I just assumed this would be a rotating cast!  I never thought everyone would show up at once.

As I listened to the show, I think the hosting still worked out ok.  We had some moments of crosstalk, but I think that’s something we can nail down as we build our chemistry and rhythm on the mics.  I don’t think we’ll consistently have all of the hosts present for every show anyway, but if we do, that’s just fine with me.  Though some of them talk less than others, these are all good guys with great stuff to say.  Everything else we can get down with experience.

Episode 3 – character creation
by Dan Repperger

We kick this show off with an explanation of how making a podcast is like running a roleplaying game.  The hosts are introduced, and then John and Chad tell us their tongue-in-cheek (?) vision of a roleplaying game with just one character stat.

The product we review this show is very close to home: our own podcast.  We go over the critiques our listeners have sent us and talk about the changes we’ve made over the past several episodes.

The advice portion covers the art and science of creating solid characters, with special emphasis on background and personality.  We also explain the virtues of intentionally writing in weaknesses.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Kevin, Tim

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