Episode 622 – bringing your PC to life

* (0:30) What steps do we take to bring a character to life?

* (1:49) Ask what’s important.

* (6:53) Seeing the good and bad in a single trait.

* (8:06) Doug’s personality triangle model.

* (10:54) Demonstrating character quirks.

* (16:34) Making characters that both have and express personal growth.

* (18:57) Taking a hobby, off-topic skill, or development path. Keeping your character in continuity.

* (23:11) Practicing a character.

* (29:43) Developing your idea in other creative media, but consider leaving a gap before the game begins.

* (35:35) The last few days of the Fear the Con 2024 Kickstarter!

Hosts: Dan, Doug, Mary, Wayne

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