Episode 618 – no, low, and mo’ expectations

* (0:29) Reintroducing Julia’s husband, Mike.

* (2:24) Lowered expectations, inspired by a post-pandemic world.

* (7:25) Being a bit more experimental.

* (13:18) Playing online instead of returning to the table.

* (19:18) Returning to the table instead of playing online.

* (23:58) The commonality of not being able to find an active gaming group.

* (31:54) Not lower expectations—just different ones.

Hosts: Dan, Mary, Mike, Wayne

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HenryNovember 13th, 2023 at 12:12 pm

I listen to your show and as an old GM myself I have been in the fallback of Palladium Books and you are right, I have other games and could play but that would mean leaving my comfort zone. My library is huge. Still I do not want to not exercise my brain but my group doesn’t want to change either… Suggestions?

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