Episode 615 – inspecting InSpectres

* (0:28) An update on the Actual Play.

* (4:48) The InSpectres RPG (at least temporarily back in print!) and our AP interlude using its rules.

* (8:09) Why play InSpectres as an interlude to the main campaign? Apparently only Dan has heard of Michelle Jenneke.

* (12:58) Plus an extra player.

* (16:10) The, “yes and,” style of gaming.

* (21:31) Assisting new players when they’re stuck.

* (26:24) Seeing roleplaying games as a starting point, not a finished product.

* (33:43) It’s not just a game; it’s on the mics.

* (39:19) No takebacks!

Hosts: Dan, Mary, Wayne

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