Episode 613 – the eleventh dollar

* (0:29) Julia ruins everything.

* (1:35) Things are getting set for Fear the Con! An intro to RPGs game is available for newcomers. You can also announce your games on Discord.

* (9:03) Coming out of a period of deep fatigue. How one game still never missed a week.

* (16:18) Spoons and other finite resources.

* (20:06) Why it might be best to bite off a bit less. You may not be gaming as much as you think, anyway.

* (26:41) Does gaming with strangers help the problem?

* (31:37) Kids, you’re already in the real world.

* (34:32) Strange schedules and cascading cancellations.

* (37:42) Gambling with the eleventh dollar.

Hosts: Dan, Julia, Mary, Wayne

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