Episode 612 – running the unknown

* (0:28) Running a game when someone else knows the setting a whole lot better than you do.

* (2:07) The lack of pronunciation guides in most games.

* (3:16) Narrowing down the task by asking what’s important about the setting to the players.

* (7:59) Getting the essence or feel of the setting right. We need a Thug Notes recap of BattleTech lore.

* (12:53) Start small and work outward, learning just what you need for each step along the way.

* (21:15) Tell your players you only know some canon and therefore will only use some canon.

* (24:01) Setting an ending to the canon so you can tell your own story. Breaking continuity early to get it over with.

* (28:35) Keeping a chunk of authentic setting. Otherwise, why run it at all?

* (33:56) Asking your setting experts to give you limited homework.

* (35:09) We look forward to seeing you at Fear the Con!

Hosts: Dan, Mary, Wayne

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