Episode 608 – bringing a world to life

* (0:28) The Kickstarter for Fear the Con 2023 is live!

* (1:12) Things a Game Master has done to make a world seem a little more alive (with credit to JoshB for the topic).

* (5:46) Plot hooks, substories, and unanswered questions about my character.

* (9:16) Allowing characters to have goals, ambitions, and projects.

* (13:32) Giving me things I can trust that won’t betray me or become a vulnerability.

* (19:52) Investing the players in world-building that matters.

* (29:25) Don’t constantly veto your players.

* (31:55) Digging through enough specifics may reveal a general truth you can use.

Hosts: Dan, Mary, Wayne

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