Episode 606 – contexting the OGL

* (0:30) Giving a remote episode a try. We have a fix for Dan’s audio that should improve the quality on our next remote show.

* (1:42) Catching up with Brodeur and DJ, who was on episode 466 to talk about BuJoRPG.

* (4:43) Putting some parameters on the topic.

* (9:42) Does Wizards of the Coast hate you? Envy other publishers? Or just not understand the market?

* (16:36) Why people went along with the OGL to begin with. A genuine belief that some people in the mix have the best of intentions.

* (24:47) Why care at all?

* (29:23) The silent majority that may neither know nor care this is all happening.

* (36:21) Why this might be a good thing. The episode on Dan’s resentment of what D&D represents, despite his enjoyment of the game.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, DJ, Wayne

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