Episode 604 – crapping on an ending

* (0:28) Brodeur flees to Oregon.

* (4:08) Failure comes to East Texas University.

* (7:26) Dividing the blame between the players and Game Master.

* (11:40) Player silence and passivity.

* (17:30) Things lost for lack of time.

* (19:34) Substance use, depression, and the option of just narrating the ending.

* (26:32) Was there a post-mortem with the players? Not judging a whole campaign by its ending.

* (30:09) If the players don’t know how to answer, ask a more specific question.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

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David.WaldramNovember 7th, 2022 at 2:27 am

Hiya all. The phenomenon you’re looking for is the “Ballmer Peak”. XKCD did a comic on it.

DanNovember 12th, 2022 at 11:26 pm

That’s the one, David! Thank you for being better at remembering names than I am.


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