Episode 596 – an invited intruder

* (0:29) A new show type on the horizon: phone the Boot, or something similarly clever.

* (2:04) Kids’ games at Fear the Con. Our episode on gaming with children can be found here.

* (4:15) Brodeur goes on Safest Family on the Block and My 10th Level Paladin.

* (6:17) Brodeur gets invited to crash someone else’s game as a guest GM.

* (10:02) The whole situation is awkward, starting with the style of game.

* (16:59) The gut-punch of unintentionally outshining the person that invited you.

* (18:51) Or, maybe outshining the other person isn’t such a bad thing.

* (25:42) Expect the players to keep doing whatever you allow to work.

* (33:10) The right kind of consultant.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Julia, Tex

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