Episode 595 – death and consequences

* (0:29) A shoutout and thanks to WashingCon!

* (1:09) Fear the Con is coming up in mid-June.

* (2:25) Wayne annihilates his player-characters in a Legion of Liberty game, and they love it. Our episode on action economy.

* (10:22) The perspective that comes from getting your butt kicked.

* (13:52) The difference between the party getting defeated, the party getting cheated, and the party getting destroyed.

* (19:44) Rewinding as opposed to setting up round two.

* (27:35) Consequences don’t have to be applied directly to the player-characters.

* (33:35) Allowing players to choose the form of their defeat.

* (36:44) Brodeur terrorizes his staff.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Julia, Wayne

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