Episode 594 – horizontal creativity

* (0:29) June 16th, 17th, and 18th for Fear the Con! You can see Mikey Mason’s material on BandCamp.

* (2:40) Reviewing the idea of horizontal and vertical creativity.

* (4:56) Horizontal creativity doesn’t mean the player has to get lazy. In fact, it may mean the GM is getting lazy.

* (12:35) How horizontal creativity can add complexity to the story.

* (16:22) Understanding why a GM is limiting something.

* (20:56) Players taking ownership for how far off the ranch they’ve gone.

* (31:59) Learning more about the game through player experimentation.

* (36:27) It’s OK to just let players have their fun.

Hosts: Brodeur, Caleb, Dan, Wayne

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