Episode 591 – weathering weather

* (0:28) The teeth on the dog go click, click, click.

* (1:30) Brodeur discovers New Game+ mode in video games.

* (10:23) Weather and environmental effects in an RPG.

* (13:09) Weather as a reflection of some other truth in the setting.

* (14:53) Setting the mood and adding immersion.

* (19:21) Does the environment not come up more often because it’s not in the rules?

* (25:02) The storytelling side effects of being inside when we game.

* (26:53) Using the environment to control the flow of the game.

* (35:05) Integrating environment into your rules and narrative.

* (39:09) Don’t forget to sign up for Fear the Con!

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

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