Episode 586 – questions and prompts

* (0:28) The scheduling crush of Christmas, and some love for Pete Petrusha.

* (7:06) The many stories you can get from a single game idea, as demonstrated by For the Queen.

* (11:14) The greater number of outcomes possible in story versus crunch. The Quiet Year.

* (12:54) How prompts give you the framework to interpret and develop ideas. Rory’s Story Cubes and the Inspectres RPG.

* (18:26) Having the right tool for the right story, and how too much freedom can become a problem.

* (20:33) An odd aversion to adding elements mid-game, even though it’s the crux of character creation and other pre-game activities. Our episode on finite choices.

* (32:58) The vast number of online tools for generating random content ideas. Mashing games together.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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