Episode 585 – cutscenes

* (0:28) Brodeur starts off a game session with a cutscene, which becomes its own pun.

* (5:02) Other media as a metaphor for how you structure your storytelling.

* (6:50) Not withholding player agency for too long.

* (13:26) Having to roleplay with yourself.

* (16:11) Revealing information to the players.

* (22:31) Read the table and manage the length of these scenes. Letting the players have an emotional response to truths their characters don’t know.

* (28:58) Using cutscenes to set the tone for the game.

* (33:32) How cutscenes can lock you into a particular truth.

* (38:44) The value of scenes that lack obvious utility.

* (50:46) Short attempts and immediate feedback are your friends.

* (52:35) The added content on our Patreon.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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