Episode 584 – developing past in the present

* (0:44) When only the shell of a character gets made, for lack of knowledge about the world. The episode where we previously discussed this can be found here.

* (13:19) Using an opportunity in the present to expand the character’s past. The influence of other players on the process.

* (17:01) The person with no past. Creating memories.

* (26:07) Fixing on the fly instead of flushing.

* (33:11) Players helping players.

* (40:28) Your willingness to adjust, without allowing others to take unfair license. Never Going Home and the Christmas truce of World War I.

* (45:31) Potential problems and pitfalls.

* (51:17) The plot opportunity created by new or conflicting information.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan

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