Episode 583 – does it bring you joy

* (0:33) Brodeur went to Gamehole Con, and Dan can’t take other people’s money.

* (8:08) How age changes what you care about.

* (10:02) The end-of-year blackhole that consumes our schedules (and, by extension, our games).

* (11:23) Brodeur loses his motivation to GM.

* (15:28) Player satisfaction does not necessarily equate to GM satisfaction.

* (21:49) Fighting the burnout that strips away your enjoyment of the hobby.

* (31:28) The buy-in of the whole group to relieve one person’s pain.

* (40:38) Letting go of the unneeded prep in order to get to the part that’s actually fun.

* (48:49) Time and the other finite currencies of life.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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