Episode 579 – playtesting a game

* (0:29) Introducing Vece. You can find the Skies of Glass playtest on our Patreon.

* (1:35) Brodeur continues hurting himself. You can find his podcast here.

* (11:35) What got us thinking about playtesting a roleplaying game. Gage’s playtest survey.

* (14:43) Why you may not know what you need to ask.

* (18:35) Taking feedback seriously, while remembering no one’s opinion is “right”.

* (25:58) Testing obscure facets of a game.

* (31:58) Playtesting the fluff (i.e. setting, introductory text, explaining the RPG hobby).

* (44:16) Deciding the order in which you’ll complete tasks.

* (56:19) Making incremental changes instead of over-correcting.

* (59:42) Testing the minimum viable product and building up from there.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Vece, Wayne

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Tim StoneOctober 8th, 2021 at 11:47 am

The spoon theory of time travel is discussed at length by Nick Miller, assistant professor of flight instruction and CS at Castleton Community College in the documentary Time Chasers. The course material is not available on the Genco/Deep13 commentary release, but in the extended instruction release on Bezos Prime streaming services.

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