Episode 576 – cliffhangers and missing players

* (0:33) Brodeur’s ongoing work to blind himself.

* (2:40) Gaming when down a person. Putting some parameters on the discussion.

* (7:53) Avoiding cliffhangers that hinge on a single character.

* (11:58) Subtly reframing the scene to obscure the unknowns.

* (16:31) Get a few what-if tips from the missing player to help you guide the scene.

* (20:33) Being flexible, not just in executing the situation, but also in adjusting the outcome.

* (22:44) Using pacing to avoid the issue completely.

* (40:54) When the player’s absence is felt by the party, even though there was no cliffhanger.

* (47:18) Gatekeeping interactions with the absent character. Owning your choice to create a cliffhanger.

* (53:56) Keeping your perspective straight. You can hear our Actual Plays here.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan

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