Episode 572 – reentry to in-person games

* (0:27) Where’s Brodeur?

* (2:00) Fear the Con Online, June 25th – 27th. You can create and sign up for games on the website.

* (4:04) Having patience for people, whether in discomfort or just struggling with old habits dying hard.

* (6:42) Neglected gaming spaces and snack stashes.

* (13:01) Change up your gaming traditions.

* (14:54) Have minimal expectations for your first gathering.

* (19:20) People may have fundamentally changed.

* (25:43) Put together all of the gaming supplies that weren’t needed online, but are needed in-person.

* (36:39) Consider adjusting the plot or chasing a side story.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia

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