Bonus Episode 92 – the stories behind the fiction

* (0:22) Hating on Zoom, and welcoming Tex and Old Man Hussey.

* (1:48) Welcoming author and former Assistant BattleTech Line Developer Ben Rome, and other/new Tex from Tex Talks BattleTech (his recommended episodes for BattleTech veterans and the one for non-players).

* (6:21) BattleTech in the 80s, including the greatest piece of art it inspired.

* (11:05) Virtual World and early VR gaming.

* (21:45) If Virtual World drove the nature of Clan ‘Mechs, then what real-world events drove BattleTech’s story’s other inflection points?

* (29:45) Maintaining consistency and continuity in such a detailed setting.

* (34:53) Is there a freedom of story-writing that accompanies a fundamental shift in the physical products?

* (39:41) Attack of the tripods.

* (43:16) Handling inconsistencies in the previously-written canon.

* (48:45) Popularity and product runs.

* (53:09) The bashfulness of new Tex.

* (56:06) Real-world romances inspiring fictional ones.

Hosts: Ben, Chris, Dan, Tex (new), Tex (old)

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