Episode 567 – GM negotiation, part 1

* (0:29) Sharing space with other GMs and three kids.

* (7:40) XP and loot in a West Marches game.

* (11:57) And a child shall lead them…

* (19:22) Lifelines to sanity. Wayne’s blog and fiction fragments.

* (21:16) Player negotiation with the Game Master. Seven questions to help develop characters.

* (29:17) When players want something without understanding its context in the world.

* (32:37) An example from our Blades in the Dark actual play.

* (36:25) A big thanks to the people giving us feedback on the Skies of Glass rules alpha!

* (37:27) Back to the Blades in the Dark character example.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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