Episode 564 – Wayne recovers a game

* (0:29) Lura struggles with her own name, but we’re there to help!

* (3:39) The flash fiction anthology, Worth 1,000 Words, is still available for purchase.

* (7:43) Laura is starting a game for minority and marginalized people. You can contact her to learn more on her TikTok account, email (Laura@FearTheBoot.com), or by PMing her on our forums.

* (11:40) Wayne is also starting up a game, unrelated to Laura’s. You can contact him via email (Wayne@FearTheBoot.com) for more information.

* (13:27) Please be respectful.

* (15:33) Chad gets interviewed over on Brodeur’s podcast.

* (18:48) Following up on episode 547 to hear how Wayne’s resurrection of a game panned out.

* (22:27) What Wayne did to preserve the game during the gap.

* (32:40) Whether the game was started right where it left off or somewhere in the future.

* (43:26) The value of equally interesting and banal game recoveries.

* (50:30) Writing only what’s necessary to get things moving again.

* (52:51) Getting Gnarl into The Sims.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Laura, Wayne

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