Episode 558 – roleplaying in an MMO

* (0:29) Fear the Boot: Quarantine Edition. Plus, Brodeur versus Ladder. Ladder wins. NOTE: Brodeur has not actually lost an arm or eye. I meant to say he’d lost use of them.

* (3:57) Roleplaying in an MMO, and why I never thought I’d do it.

* (5:29) My history with MMOs.

* (7:09) Comparing an MMO to any other electronic play surface.

* (9:41) Five qualities that help RP in an online game: environmental props, costuming, emotes, a thriving RP community, and private locations.

* (15:17) Why it’s best to have a large pool of roleplayers to draw from.

* (19:35) Tips for finding the right group a little faster.

* (21:55) The unexpected quirks created by roleplaying so anonymously.

* (27:44) Remembering that an MMO is just another medium of play.

Hosts: Dan

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