Episode 553 – revisiting COVID

* (0:28) Brodeur’s site, Wayne’s site, and Fear the Boot’s Patreon.

* (3:49) Looking at an updated view of the effect COVID is having on tabletop gaming. Setting some parameters on the discussion.

* (8:47) The impact it’s had on our own games and gaming groups.

* (20:32) How COVID is affecting the podcast.

* (24:41) How COVID is affecting game creators, publishers, and retailers. Dan and Brodeur’s prior predictions for the con season.

* (30:50) An aside on miniature wargames and Gnarl versus Unicron.

* (34:28) The effect on manufacturing and distribution.

* (41:42) Will COVID have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on gaming?

* (53:04) The possible loss of talent from the industry.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan

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