Episode 550 – I’m the captain now

* (0:28) How this topic may tie into the next campaign in our actual play.

* (7:47) The particular struggle over captain, as opposed to any other position on the bridge.

* (9:21) The attractive folly of choosing a reluctant leader.

* (17:00) The difference between trying to shoehorn in the wrong player versus the wrong character.

* (26:03) Getting the right player and the right character.

* (30:40) “A captain makes my participation pointless.”

* (31:08) What a good captain looks like. Servant leadership. The power of a title.

* (40:17) A trio of real-world examples. (That was supposed to be True Dungeon, not Real Dungeon.)

* (59:42) One body, many parts.

* (1:02:26) Letting people find their roles naturally, during the course of the game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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