Episode 549 – game request from one player

* (0:28) Have a game! And an online calendar.

* (3:09) When one player asks for a very specific game.

* (9:08) Determining exactly what they want from this game. Yes, Chad, Green Squadron really does exist.

* (11:18) Does the rest of the group want to participate in this game?

* (12:40) An intentionally difficult example with Unicron. Restraining yourself as the subject-matter expert.

* (18:32) Asking the requester to give spotlight to the other players while limiting their own.

* (29:54) Now you have to sell it!

* (31:17) Switching back to Green Squadron, which presents a different set of problems and opportunities.

* (36:53) The value of a beloved but unremarkable character.

* (40:47) Not abusing meta-game knowledge.

* (50:13) Be prepared to concede as much as you’re asking for. Self-inflicted insignificance.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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