Bonus Episode 90 – running an online con

* (0:24) Introducing Zylo and reintroducing Chris.

* (0:49) A brief history of Fear the Conline.

* (3:42) The dual novelty of running a con game and online game.

* (7:10) Position the screen below the camera.

* (9:02) Allowing for early communication between the GMs and players.

* (11:52) The promotional video Zylo made. Allowing time to setup the expected game-play tools.

* (19:07) The degree to which an online con feels like a regular con.

* (27:58) The length of game slots.

* (33:27) Issues with communication and coordination. Timezones.

* (42:10) Panels, seminars, and streaming events.

* (46:00) A roundup of final thoughts. Fear the Boot’s Discord server.

Hosts: Chris, Dale, Laura, Wayne, Zylo

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Grant MAugust 2nd, 2020 at 9:11 am

Coordinating timezones is a *lot* easier if you use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). It’s also called Universal Time or Zulu.

If you list your event time in GMT then each person applies their adjustment, allowing for daylight saving time if they’re in it at their location.

In a previous gig I used to coordinate groups working in various locations around the world. Each person just needs to know their own GMT adjustment to figure out local times for events.

For example, here in Melbourne (Oz) we’re currently on GMT+10 during Winter. If you say the event is at 10pm on Tuesday GMT then I know right away that’s 8am on Wednesday here :)

WayneAugust 3rd, 2020 at 1:47 pm

When I used to work with a global workforce I would keep additional clocks on my desktop for their timezone. With Arizona and Australia neither one doing daylight savings time it was the only way I could keep track. I find that around here using GMT really seems to confuse people. No one knows what their offset is.

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