Episode 542 – off the script

* (0:41) Some unfortunate news about Fear the Con 2020. A blog post with some more information is coming soon.

* (4:14) Brodeur’s new endeavor can be found here (as of this episode, the site is still very heavily under construction).

* (7:55) Dan and Brodeur go to GAMA Expo! The usual relationship between tabletop games and conventions.

* (14:57) Why the con-to-game relationship seems to be breaking down this year, and what that may mean for our hobby.

* (27:04) The potential impact on retail.

* (31:11) Answering some of the questions the listeners asked us to look into.

* (41:18) How all of this affects the end consumer.

* (47:36) The misuse and abuse of Kickstarter.

* (57:03) The resilience of the tabletop gaming hobby.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan

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JacobMarch 23rd, 2020 at 9:02 am

Not sure what happened but my comment posted, and then did not post, think it was because I had it playing in one tab while I wrote the comment in another tab. Anyways here it is again.

The Alien RPG makers picked up LotR from Cubicle7. They’re called Free League:


FFG’s rpg materials are getting put to a new Asmodee backed publisher (I think unsure on who actually controls it) they’ll still be developed under the new people:


As for SoG, Dan, get to it! :P (Seriously though, ever since I first heard about the system I’ve been wanting to run a finished version of it. Let us know when the Patreon gets a beta document up on it so I can back it and look at it)

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