Episode 541 – to splat or not, part 4

* (0:24) Betrayal to the keys to power.

* (4:40) Why Wayne abuses utility powers.

* (6:19) Chad passes judgment. It might be easier to say, “no,” upfront than to have the fight later.

* (13:02) Fear of the unknown. Wayne’s confessional mini-show, now available on Patreon.

* (16:53) Getting Dale’s perspective as a publisher of game supplements. You can find his online shop here.

* (24:25) Dale’s advice for the splat-averse.

* (32:34) How Dale can attract people to his products. Splat certification?

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

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WerebuffaloMarch 22nd, 2020 at 9:44 pm

I wish I could accept the idea of making the players their own SMEs and allowing them to be the arbiter of their own characters. But all it takes is one abusive player to throw that completely out the window. That’s how you get the character you mentioned from Book of Nine Swords that did an extra +90 damage to everything they touched within 15 feet. It sounds like you got lucky and had a good outcome for that story. Most stories like that don’t end that well.
Usually, if a player builds something that does +90 damage to everything within 15 feet, it’s because the player actively wanted his PC to do +90 damage to everything within 15 feet. Expecting that player to self-regulate requires a level of maturity that a large portion of the playerbase doesn’t possess. And it only takes 1 player failing to self-regulate to destroy a game. :-(

DanMarch 23rd, 2020 at 12:17 am

I feel the exact same way. I took Chad’s comment at face-value, because he runs a very different kind of game than I do. As long as the story is being told and certain themes are being explored, he doesn’t care all that much about the underlying state of the math. Wayne, Dale, and I do. So while it’s not something I’d ever do in my own games, I understood why it was a workable approach for Chad.

You mentioned in your other post that you’re a fellow abused GM, and that right there is what’s scared me away from trusting the average player to be their own SME.

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