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Fear the Boot has been on Patreon for almost four years. I fealt it was time to review and adjust to give our backers the best and most consistent content we can as a thank you for your support. Server hosting, audio equipment, and an editor add up and your support is what helps keep this podcast going. Every penny goes back into the product and there are some much needed improvements we hope to implement. So with a strong sense of gratitude I am pleased to announce a new structure for our Patreon Benefits.

Booter Tier. $1 a month.

First you get our gratitude.  We truly are grateful for your support.  In addition you will be our taste testers.   You will be the first we engage when we have new ideas.  The ability to help shape our content by being included in periodic polls.   

Player Character Tier. $3 a month.

In addition to the Booter Tier benefits you will get copies of any playtest materials produced for roleplaying games to be released by Fear the Boot LLC.  To help with this you will get access to a channel on the Fear the Boot Discord server for Project feedback.  Finally you get a custom green color on the Fear the Boot Discord server.  

Behind the GM Screen Tier. $5 a month.

You get all benefits from the Booter and Player Character Tiers.  Starting at this Tier you get access to the raw recording files of episodes as they are recorded before being edited.   Previously when an episode fell into territories that would violate the ratings we have chosen for the show they were labeled as negative and not released.  As part of the patreon these such episodes and ones created specifically for this purpose will be released to you.  Finally a new mini podcast called Fear the Boot Game Notes will be released starting at this level.  It is a weekly show under 30 minutes focusing on  the process of gameprep and GM insecurities.     

Baron Von Badass Tier. $7 a month.

In addition to all the benefits from the lower tiers you will get access to two exclusive Discord channels.  You can directly interact with the hosts in the text channel asking for game advice, chatting, or providing show suggestions.  The new voice channel will be used for AMAs, preshow chats, and an option for moving conversations from the text channel to voice.  Hosts are dedicated to interacting in the text channel and doing atleast one scheduled voice interaction a month.  

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