Episode 534 – where you game

* (0:29) The holidays came in like a wrecking ball!

* (2:01) Wayne’s Family Feud survey is still up for answers!

* (3:24) Gnarl is here to save your Christmas! Available on Amazon and Audible.

* (5:54) Chad’s opinions save the show!

* (7:26) No one likes distractions.

* (10:10) Why Chad doesn’t like basements.

* (16:43) Wayne’s aversion to cluttered tables.

* (25:04) Chad’s distaste for chairs and high tables.

* (34:21) Why Dan wants chairs instead of a couch.

* (41:02) Once upon a time, through thin bathroom walls.

* (46:35) The ups and downs of having food present.

* (52:39) Gaming outside the normal flow of the household.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Laura, Wayne

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Jesse SierkeJanuary 3rd, 2020 at 5:57 pm

Great episode topic. I missed the survey, but it seems like one assumption of the discussion is that people game in someone’s home. What about people who cannot, or choose not to host a game session in their home. I wish you’d touch upon semi- public and public spaces, such as hobby and gaming shops, bookstores, library conference rooms, and even cozy, accommodating restaurants and coffee shops. I would suggest either renting a room in such cases, or talking to the manager or owner about what you’d like to do and how long you’ll need the space. I sell owners and managers on the fact that I can guarantee them at least one sale per session.

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