Episode 531 – first-time GM report

* (0:29) Introducing Laura. The episode where we first setup this topic.

* (1:24) Fear the Con has funded! Start getting your games listed!

* (2:18) Chris Hussey’s Savage Worlds setting book, The Wolverines Take the Highway to the Danger Zone.

* (9:21) Why Laura GMed, and how she felt about the prospect of running a game.

* (14:30) Where she got her early help. The Blind GM.

* (18:06) How Laura structured her game prep. Getting help from an advocate. Keeping game notes in a topical structure.

* (26:51) Writing the pre-generated player-characters.

* (33:49) Executing the first few seconds of the game.

* (37:31) The first curve-ball the party threw.

* (42:53) Adding a sanity mechanic to D&D.

* (47:11) How Laura felt the game went.

* (50:31) Giving Laura a letter grade.

* (55:31) Don’t take your first game too seriously, but be prepared to improve.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Laura, Wayne

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