Episode 529 – hijacking a system, part 2

* (0:24) Knowing why you’re changing the game, and by extension, whether it’s worth doing.

* (6:50) Describing damage. Hit points versus wounds versus shock.

* (15:57) Remaking characters in another system, mid-game.

* (31:23) Finding an existing system that fits what you’re looking for.

* (34:55) RPGs as a spectator sport. Or not.

* (40:45) More on the Venn diagram project clock.

* (43:14) Fear the Con 2020’s Kickstarter.

* (44:44) Congratulating Gamers Table on their successful fundraising.

* (47:04) Gaming with Gage and Jon Brazer, because Chad can’t stop plugging stuff.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

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