Episode 527 – side plots

* (0:29) Fear the Con’s Kickstarter!

* (6:12) An encounter in the Actual Play that felt inorganic to the flow of the main plot.

* (14:25) Being aware of what knits your campaign together.

* (19:42) Making a side plot compelling from the outset, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at first.

* (29:29) Noting what players care about in the meta-game.

* (33:09) Going for the quiet players instead of the loud ones. Getting the right type of buy-in.

* (40:02) Evaluating whether a side plot works, with or without tying it back to the main plot.

* (43:55) Creating buyer’s remorse.

* (48:54) Fear the Boot’s Patreon.

Hosts: Dale, Dan, Wayne

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