Episode 526 – a split party

* (0:29) Fear the Con 2020’s Kickstarter is live!

* (4:50) When the party is split, it can make it easier to talk to an NPC.

* (8:21) A split party creating a game of telephone.

* (13:02) Giving characters their own chance to shine.

* (21:55) Team-building and RP in the party’s reunion.

* (23:12) The countdown to problems when the party separates.

* (29:54) Two approaches for how the GM can resolve separate actions.

* (42:10) Having to remember multiple bookmarks if the game gets paused.

* (43:08) How a split party can help the GM get an idea to stick.

* (44:29) Avoiding factions in the split.

* (47:34) Player-character separation as an inevitability, not a desired outcome.

* (50:34) The role of the players in a divided group.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

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