Episode 525 – setting as a home for plot

* (0:32) The Kickstarter for Gamers Table’s Season of the Glitch.

* (1:16) Fear the Con 2020 on June 18th – 20th, with the Kickstarter coming very soon. You can follow our progress in the Facebook group. The episode where we talked about Pat killing us all.

* (5:35) Merging two questions from Facebook to talk about how we build settings with an eye for stories that can be told there.

* (7:39) The motivation behind creating the world in the first place.

* (24:07) As aside on automats and courtesy.

* (29:36) What interests you is likely what you’re already developing.

* (33:24) Looking at what the players can and/or care to consume.

* (41:21) Where and when you start building the game plot, based on group interests.

Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne

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