Episode 524 – new GM for veteran players

* (0:33) Fear the Con 2020 on June 18th – 20th! The Kickstarter is coming very soon. In the meantime, you can follow our progress in the Facebook group.

* (2:09) Explaining who Brad is.

* (2:59) The Kickstarter for Gamers Table’s Season of the Glitch.

* (6:05) Laura decides to run a Halloween game for more experienced players.

* (10:47) Intentionally and accidentally difficult players.

* (14:21) Ask for help and get people invested in your success.

* (17:53) Picking the right system and setting.

* (21:38) Why asking for feedback may not be the best idea.

* (26:45) Prioritizing the building blocks of the game.

* (33:59) Accepting you’re not in control of everything, and notes aren’t always the answer.

* (38:16) Advice for the players.

Hosts: Brad, Chad, Dan, Wayne

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