Episode 518 – swan song

* (0:28) This studio is hot.

* (2:55) The conundrum of character suicide. How Frankenstein’s monster was actually made.

* (16:10) Not being a victim of your own creations.

* (31:28) Explaining the idea of a swan song and how it manifests in an RPG.

* (39:17) Deconstructing a swan song that occurred in one of our games.

* (40:56) Extra camera time.

* (47:30) Letting a character arc run its full course. Death of a Salesman.

* (51:59) Swan songs as a consensus of every contributor to the story.

* (56:18) Recognizing the moments when they happen unplanned. Letting the character continue, anyway.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne

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ZzarchovJuly 15th, 2019 at 7:48 am

In regards to the character being discussed in the first half.

Have you considered an alternate angle of internal conflict? The logical decision of the machine half would be whatever it was programmed to concern itself with. If one of its programmers was an Asimov fan it may be on the journey because it thinks the human half CAN be resurrected and that its form of “self termination” is succeeding in becoming human and forgetting it ever existed.

This would be its action based on programming, non-sapient. The conflict becoming when it gains flickers of sapience and thinks “I am a creature of the information age, If I am forgotten it is as if I never was, why do I care if I cause meatbags to be uncomfortable? Maybe I could just get rid of all of them…” then lose that flicker of sapience as various anti-virus subroutines shut it down the thoughts as “self programmed malware” and go back to trying to build up its human side.

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